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Dress and Dish | October 9, 2015

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Sunday Catch Up with WWD

Sunday Catch Up with WWD
Lana Sands
  • On September 26, 2011

When I was younger, I was obsessed with watching E television Fashion File, on Saturday mornings.  I loved Saturday mornings because they did the weekend catch up and pretty much aired everything I missed all week because of school.   It would start at like 5:30am in the morning and go until 1pm. An endless feed of fashion, models and designer interviews to feed my fashion appetite.  It was pure heaven for me and I was always so depressed when it ended at 1pm.  Now that I do not have television and have not had it for years, this forces me to read!  Yes, read (People will read again!). On Sunday, I caught up on my gargantuous pile of WWD’s.  Two Blue Moons, half a bag of Baked Lay’s, and over a months worth of WWD papers later – all was right again.

The highlight of my read?  Poka dots are never going out of style. Good news.  Monday look out!

P.S.  I do have Netflix.  So, if you have not watched “Unzipped“  yet, I highly recommend it!  Isaac Mizrahi in the 90′s is pure bliss.



  1. Victoria

    I also recommend Valentino: The Last Emperor and The September Issue if you haven’t seen them~2 very good fashion docs.

    • Those are such good ones too! Love both of those movies!! :)