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Dress and Dish | November 25, 2015

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Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa: Palm Desert Get Away

Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa: Palm Desert Get Away
Lana Sands
  • On November 2, 2011

In the past, we have rented out houses in Palm Springs with friends. Everyone was crammed into rooms. We ate, drank, and stayed up late. We are getting older and the last thing we want to do is be crammed into a house with a bunch of people. Now, our ideal vaca is to get up early, play tennis, hit the pool, eat, and be in bed by 930pm. So, it is only fitting that our destination for my husband’s birthday was Palm Springs and a resort no less.

Palm Springs is one of the largest retirement communities in Southern California. There are casinos, tennis, golf, spas, and family activities. Never staying at a resort before, I was surprised to find that the Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa was in fact like a scene out of Dirty Dancing! There were people gathering together to play games, golf, tennis, and nightly activities to mingle with fellow guests. One had to laugh!

The weekend was relaxing and it was nice to get away. We bathed in the sun most of the time by the pool in the 100 degree weather, read, played tennis, sipped on cocktails, and had early yummy dinners. We went on long walks and at one point I sat down on a bench to enjoy the general splendor. This adorable duck came straight up to me. As I reached out to pet him, he bit me directly on my fingers! Then he quacked a bit and soon there were dozens of ducks around me. I think they were expecting bread but hey, I am not that old yet! I am not going to spend the evening feeding the ducks! Not yet anyway. And so, with that being the excitement on our trip, you can see that we are real party animals.

In all, I don’t think we are quite old enough to truly enjoy a resort like this yet and I don’t think we are young enough to still want to rent out a big house and have a party weekend. We are somewhere in between having a house party and feeding the ducks.

Dress: Sergio Rossi wedges, Cynthia Vincent blouse and Joe’s jean skirt.


  1. How luxurious! What I would do for a vacation like that… Or just the 100 degree weather alone, at this point.

  2. So cute. I’m too old to party all weekend, too. What I love about Palm SPrings is the laid back vibe, mid-century architecture, and amazing scenery. Not so much the snakes though! But the ducks are adorable. Sorry you were bitten!

    • Melissa, when are we going to hang out already? No house party. I promise. ;)