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Dress and Dish | November 28, 2015

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It is Fall. Time to get organized.

It is Fall. Time to get organized.
Lana Sands
  • On November 7, 2011

Throwing away my shoeboxes and jewelry boxes is the best thing that has happened to me in awhile. I have a shoe rack and jewelry organizers now. Thanks for the tip Sarah! My life has totally changed for the better!

I live in Santa Barbara. Life isn’t exactly cheap here like I would like it to be. The fact that there is even two closets, regardless of their size, is an amazing asset in a small one bedroom apartment. It was time to really get organized for Fall.

I have all these clothes that are never worn because um I can’t see them? Yes, seeing what you actually have to wear would be a plus. I am already wearing different shoes and accessories more now that they are no longer hidden in a box. I am not totally finished getting organized but the journey continues.

This is also a plus for those that frequent my online consignment store The Dress Shop. Many more things will be added in the days to come!

Happy Monday!


  1. Loving the third row of shows in your closet (from what we can see)!

    Not to mention that sparkle hanging in your closet would go great in part 1 of our holiday lookbook we just dropped this morning;

    Thanks for the love!


    Planet Blue

  2. Lana! Did you move out of your house in Summerland with your crazy neighbors?! I love the jewelry organizer, I totally need one. I’m trying to find one made of velvet or mirrored glass!! Suggestions?!?

    • I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond. But, I also found some good ones ones at the Container Store too! Hope that helps! xo

  3. I just work Ryan up out of his semi-sleep that he’s in to show him that we have the same shoe rack. He wasn’t as excited as I was hahah. And PLEASE tell me those are stars & stripes heels… LOVE!

    • Omgosh, that is funny! I totally listened to your advice and even got the same rack by coincidence! ha ha Awesome! xo

  4. Lily

    Lana, what is that shoe rack? I need it!

    • I ended up with this rack from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It’s great! Especially for boots and heels. Flats kind of slide around but stay put if you mix them in. xoxoxo