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Dress and Dish | November 26, 2015

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Watermelon Mojitos

Watermelon Mojitos
  • On April 11, 2012


After such a beautiful holiday weekend, I was really reminded of the warm Spring weather that is to come.

Here is a tasty cocktail for your next warm day:
(Recipe: from barefoot contessa “how easy is that?” ina garten)

Watermelon Mojitos

30 large fresh mint leaves, coarsely torn by hand
3-4 thick slices of fresh watermelon
12 ounces light rum, such as Barcardi
1/2 cup simple syrup (easy to make)
6 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice (3 limes)

Use a mortar and pestle to mash the mint leaves. Remove and discard the rind and seeds of the watermelon. Put the fruit into a food processor fitted with the steel blade and puree. Put the mashed mint into a large pitcher with 2 cups of pureed watermelon, the simple syrup, and lime juice and stir to combine. Pour the mixture into a pitcher for serving.

Place ice cubes in 6 glasses and pour the mojito mixture into the glasses. Garnish with sprigs of fresh mint and spears of watermelon.

Serve ice cold.

DD Tip: Don’t over do it with the fresh made watermelon juice or if you do strain as best as possible to avoid seeds and too much pulp.



  1. amazing recipe! the perfect refreshing after work cocktail, will for sure have to give this recipe a go! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  2. mmmmm… i cant wait to taste it!!!!


  3. mmm this looks yum! thank u for your ocmment on my blog! now I’m following you! would be thrilled if you could follow me back! I see you’re from Santa Mónica! lovely place!

  4. Wow it looks so tasty!!

    Can’t Afford Chanel Blog

  5. looks delicious :-)

  6. Steph

    omgg! this looks fabulously refreshing and scrumptious!
    Totally in love with your blog!
    I liked you on fb! <3
    Ginger and Lace

  7. Must have these mojitos! So refreshing!

  8. Watermelon mojito ssounds refreshing! Love it.

  9. How perfectly sweet and refreshing! I could seriously go for one of these right now.

  10. These look all kinds of delicious! I cannot wait to give them a try.