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Dress and Dish | November 28, 2015

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Apple and Ham Panini (with a touch of honey)

Apple and Ham Panini (with a touch of honey)
Lana Sands
  • On May 23, 2012

Dress and Dish | Apple and Ham PaniniDress and Dish | Apple and Ham Panini

This reminds me of a funny moment I had with a co-worker about what our favorite foods were. We immediately bonded over our love for sandwiches. We stopped talking when laughter from the office commenced and realized how silly our conversation was. Think of the scene in Forest Gump when Bubba names ALL the different ways to eat shrimp.

The truth is the possibilities with a sandwich are endless. There are so many wonderful combinations of foods in the world and almost all of them can be made into a sandwich. It is the perfect meal.

This is my latest panini sandwich combination. Try it out! You won’t be disappointed.

Apple and Ham Panini:

Ciabatta Roll
Granny Smith Apples (for tart flavor and crunch)
Goat Cheese
Il Fustino Balsamic Vinaigrette or your favorite
Dijon Mustard
Sliced Ham
Sea Salt
Fresh Pepper


  1. yum!!!!!

  2. my GOSH this is a killer combo! I think I want this for dinner tonight and breakfast again, tomorrow =D

  3. Pork and apples are such a perfect combination

  4. que buena pinta!!!!