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Dress and Dish | November 28, 2015

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Mr. C’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills: Mr. C Beverly Hills

Mr. C’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills: Mr. C Beverly Hills
Lana Sands
  • On July 30, 2012

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This weekend we were able to get away for a quick La La Land trip! The weather was perfect and I now have a sunburn from too much fun in the sun! One of the things I like most about Los Angeles is the endless choices of restaurants.

Mr. C Beverly Hills is a charming hotel with a wonderful Italian restaurant. The entire hotel is decorated with a vintage feel. The servers are all dressed in crisp white attire and the maître d’ is a charming Italian man, of course! The restaurant has a patio, but it was closed, so we dined at a table inside. After being seated, you are given a choice of sparkling or flat water and a bread basket of fresh croissants, bread sticks, and slices of baguette. The mini croissants are the devil because I think I ate 3.

One of the most popular appetizers is the prosciutto parma with melon. Under a large bed of prosciutto there are long slices of cantaloupe – a perfect pairing with each bite of prosciutto! I am going to make this at home next time I have guests! Next, I ordered one of the fixed dinners with choices of a starter and main dish. I chose the arugula salad with heir loomed tomatoes, and fresh Parmesan with the fish as my main course. Chad chose the pizza margarita.

The pizza margarita didn’t have very much flavor and was extremely thin. But, everything I ordered was wonderful! I loved the touches to the lemon dressed in gaze with a bow to keep the seeds out. It really is the little things that make the dinning experience so much better. I was really impressed with the service, our server Alex was amazingly attentive and the food overall was fun and tasty! We would definitely go back to Mr. C’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills!



  1. um, YUM!!!!!!!!! drool!

  2. You are making me hungry, which is weird, because I already had lunch! The arugula salad looks divine, and I love the crisp, modern decor!

  3. NOM! i want all of it now.

    love the post. love the blog.