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Dress and Dish | November 28, 2015

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Santa Barbara Beach Day at Hope Ranch

Santa Barbara Beach Day at Hope Ranch
Lana Sands
  • On August 14, 2012

Summertime in Santa Barbara is the best. I was lucky enough to spend the day with my friend Charlene at the beach yesterday. She has an amazing blog too that you should check out:

What makes for a perfect beach day?

1. Good Company.
2. A Swim Suit: That stays on in and after the water. One of my favorites is Cia Maritima.
3. The Perfect Beach towel: Large with a fun print.
4. Havaianas are a Santa Barbara must. It is ridiculous how much we wear them here even in the Winter.
5. A Stylish Sun Hat. Charlene has the perfect hat from J Crew and it won’t break the bank.
6. Lots of different Sunblocks. I use SPF 30 for the face, hands and feet, SPF 8 tanning oil for the rest of the body!
7. Sunglasses are a must. My Oliver Peoples go just about everywhere…even in the ocean for a swim.
8. Snacks that are easy to eat in the sand.
9. Good magazines, newspapers, and books.
10. Lastly, a large beach bag to throw it all into. My Jerome canvas bag has come everywhere with me this Summer.

Cheers to more fun in the sun!!!



  1. ahhhh looks sooo heavenly~~~ xO!

  2. Anonymous

    Lovely pictures! A perfect beach day for me will be great company, cute swimsuit, pina colads LOL


  3. I can’t believe that summer is almost through and I haven’t spent one good day at the beach yet. Your post has me craving the sun, so I’ll have to take advantage of the good weather when the rainclouds finally clear.

  4. so gorgeous
    Xo Megan

  5. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like such a fun day at the beach!

    xox Courtney

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